AC Church — Apophenia Dances (2017)

Recorded on 4 February 2017 at Friday Records Studio (Moscow, Russia)

Music by AC Church aka Evgeny Smirnov
Produced by Alexander Fedotov 
Artwork by Katia Reitman
Liner notes by Sviatoslav Ivanov

Special thanks to:
Stepan Sevastianov
Daria Kolyaskina

About AC Church:

It’s not plainly noticeable by his records, but Evgeny Smirnov, known as AC Church, is a flamboyantly multi-genre musician. His creative practices depend on which instrument he chooses. Acoustic guitar turns him into a chamber folk magician, synthesizer is his tool for crafty ambient, while plugging in his electric guitar is a promise of full scale amplifier extravaganza (Jimi Hendrix and Oren Ambarchi in one lucky bottle). But those are just jams; AC Church’s studio music is harder to diagnose genre-wise. One can say it’s experimental music, others would note krautrock influences, author himself insists on dub roots of his work. However, any genre definition would cloud our eyes.

AC Church is not interested in melody at all. He is more of a knight in permanent quest for new ambiances. Most of his tracks are based on short simplistic loops, and Evgeny is not bored to fluctuate a whole 15-minute long song around a primitive carcass made of just a couple of chords. But it doesn’t get too basic at any point. Thing is how many mini-structures, those multi-coloured small banners AC Church exhibits in his ever-accelerating space train.

Evgeny himself won’t appreciate this comparison, but his work partly reminds me of academic minimalists like Steve Reich or Terry Riley. They often begin by showing us the whole thing — and continue by focusing our ears on different small exquisite aspects of music, which proves that every simple scheme has the capacity to accommodate all the sounds in the world. In the same manner, AC Church’s tracks are tangibly dynamic and static at the same time. Their building materials include industrial soundscapes, richly processed guitar solos, witty samples, quasi-dance drum machines and complex lace of delay and reverb. They’re just integral parts of tight musical fabric. But what’s the idea behind it?

Evgeny is a part-time experimental musician — and a part-time religious philosopher. His moniker is related to the doctrine of «electric church» once popularized by Jimi Hendrix. It implies that people’s obsession by electrically performed music can be seen as a religious cult. In that case, AC Church is a devout believer. The main trigger of his creativity is the strong belief that both playing and listening to music are purifying spiritual experiences and thus — music has the right to… everything.

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